Friday, 2 June 2017

4 Home Automation Appliances and Their Amazing Benefits

Home automation has revolutionized the lifestyle of individuals by adding the digital to the manual appliances. Nearly all the appliances can be automated to a certain extent, if not completely.
Automation has its own benefits in terms of convenience, time and money, which also elevates the lifestyle of the family members and gives a futuristic feel to the house.
Some automated appliances and their proven benefits are as follows:
·        Lighting Control Systems
The first aspect of home automation usually is the lighting control systems of the house. It basically gives a single mobile app or a digital panel the power to control all the lights of the house, the effects and mood settings, along with scheduler options.
As many studies have proven the benefit of bright light like increased productivity and improved mood; individuals feel lethargic to switch off the lights at night which is usually the reason for improper sleep, one of the unhealthiest habits. With a single switch controlling all illumination, individuals can switch on or off the lights or dim it as per the requirements i.e. bright light in the morning to wake up while dim lights right before the he sleeps.
Lighting can also be responsible for setting up of different moods like during a party, bright lighting effects while dim, romantic lights are preferred during intimate dates.
Other than the above mentioned benefits, one of the most important benefits is the fact that it reduces the light bills as it gives the option to dim the lights or close it portably in case the individual forgets and leaves the house. Occupancy and vacancy sensors allow the room to automatically know if the light is required or not. Thus, conserving energy.
·        Lawn Irrigation Systems
The most overlooked features that home automation adds to the house is the smart lawn irrigation systems which allows the individual to use the sprinklers via a mobile app or digital panel. He can also set timers to schedule regular irrigation in his absence. Thus, preventing the plants and grass to rot and decay.
Other than saving the flora of the house, it also saves money, water and time of the individual. Scheduling the sprinklers allows him to utilize that time in other work that he has. The irrigation systems allow optimum utilization of water which prevents wastage of water. When time and water is saved, money is automatically saved, even though such systems cost a lot, but Creston home automation cost are relatively lower than its competitors, giving it an edge.
·        Audio/ Video Systems
Future is visualized as the time when everything will be controlled with a single button, adding convenience to all lifestyles. Smart audio/ video systems enables more convenience than it is expected because it gives the individual an option to control whole house audio systems via a mobile app or digital panel; giving the ambience of a theatre, adding life to parties and intimate dinners.
Such systems are costly systems but seem worthy enough because of the high quality and amazing experience.
·        Smart Security Systems
Home automation adds value to the security options of the individual as it allows him to keep a real-time track of the house and his family members by using sensors, smart cameras and alarms. The smart cameras allows him to check the by using a mobile app while the sensors and alarms alert him in case of break-ins or any danger. The individual can lock the doors and windows portably in case he forgets to do it or keep a check on the visitors in case only the children are inside. It gives him mental peace and control of his house. Security is usually the primary concern of individuals when it comes to kids being alone at the house or are with unknown baby-sitters.

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With the changing lifestyles and improving technology, home automation is getting more inexpensive and efficient by the day. Creston automation and many others are aiming to provide individuals with features and home automation options like no other. Their plan is to automate the homes, from doorbell to fans to lights to even kitchen appliances.
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Monday, 8 May 2017

Automation Solutions from Creston Home Automation

Automation Solutions from Creston Home Automation is one of the most popular and widely used equipment when it comes to home automation. Creston provides solutions to automate light control, controlling room temperature, climate, air conditioning, music players and video systems. Think of a situation in your daily activities where you need to move into different rooms to adjust your curtains or to control the air conditioning or adjusting your music player’s volume. Imagine if all this can be controlled at one go by a simple touch of a button. Automation Solutions from Creston Home Automation aims to do exactly this; to provide you the luxury of controlling every process at your fingertips even without your physical presence in the location.
Let’s take another example of you watching a movie at home with family and friends. Usually, one needs to adjust the lights, shut down the curtains, control your air conditioning, select the channel and play the desired movie. A home theater equipped with Automation Solutions from Creston Home Automation makes your life easy, where one press of a button and the lights are dimmed, curtains are down, air conditioning is set and the channel is selected and the movie of your choice is played. This apart, the surround music effects help creating a realistic situation while watching a movie.

Creston also gives you solutions to control the lighting and climate conditions at home. Lighting in a home creates the desired ambience for any occasion. With the various lighting automation devices that Creston has developed, you can set the desired lighting for any occasion like a party, a romantic dinner or lunch. This does not require your physical presence, as once they are preset, with one touch you can create the desired lighting for any occasion. Another feature of Automation Solutions from Creston Automation is climate control. It takes care of the temperature and humidity levels in your home and adjusts them according to your needs. We can set temperatures that result in less consumption of energy while we are not at home and it automatically comes back to the desired climate once you come home.

Automation Solutions from Creston Home Automation, also provides you with technology where you can change music tracks in your music player or control the volume across your home using their distributed music technology. Because of this feature you need not move to the place where your music player is located to change tracks or customize your player features.

Another important Automation Solutions from Creston Home Automation is the use of security cameras or intercoms. One can watch the happenings in their home at various places like the kitchen, garden or even the front gate using the security cameras. Using intercoms (audio and video) we can control voice communications across the house. For example if you are watching a movie on your home theater and if you have a visitor ringing the bell, then automatically his face appears on the screen and it enables you to talk to that person and allow or deny him access. Smart home automation solutions from companies such as Creston can go a long way in enriching your day to day life.

Monday, 1 May 2017

7 Mind-blowing Features of SmartPhilips Illuminate Customizable Lighting Systems

Have you experienced the amazing home automation systems?
Do you know what Philips Dynalite in Dubai offers?

Home automation is technology at its best; adding convenience and saving money in the long term. The advancement in technology has led to the automation of every appliance of the house to make it smart and allow a single-point control option. Individuals can automate appliances as per their desire; from kitchen appliances to lighting control systems to whole house audio systems to even smart security systems.
Innovation and creativity has led to so many customizable options with amazing features in Philips lighting control systems, such as

·        Voice ControlFeatures

Futuristic approach has led to the development of automated lighting systems which can be operated with voice of the individual. Like the technology that allows us to operate certain features of our smartphones; lighting of the house can also be controlled with voice. Individuals can say words like “Lights on/ Lights off” to switch the light on/ off of the room.

·        Adaptive Smart Features

Artificial intelligence has inspired the development of smart adaptive features which allow the individuals to use light setting for a brief period of time and then the system automatically understands the need & requirements of the individual and operate accordingly. Vacancy/ occupancy sensors automatically switches the light on/ off as per the need for the room. Bright light for morning and dim lights at night are also auto-adjusted.

·        Digital Panel ControlFeatures

Automation can be controlled by a single digital panel to control all the features of the house, including lights, sound, security and many more. It allows the individual to operate different mood settings, occasion settings and normal settings as per his needs e.g. parties, intimate dinner dates, get-togethers and light effects to enhance the beauty of the place et-cetera. 

·        Smart Phone App Compatible Features

The whole world of business is shifting towards smart phone apps because it is a more portable and easily accessible approach. From travel to communication to operating other devices, can be controlled via mobile application. Certain home automation companies provide smart phone app compatible devices which allow the individual to operate lights, sound and security et-cetera with their smart phone. The devices are smart devices which gets connected to the app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and allow a user friendly interface to avail all its features with convenience.

·        Mood Settings Features

Technology in home automation devices allow it to understand the mood of the individual and auto-adjusts accordingly. It controls the multi-room speakers , lighting systems and smart security options to lower the sound levels or lighting or prevent anyone from entering the house, as per the mood of the individual. It comes in handy for individuals who have mood swings on a regular basis.

·        Scheduled Settings Features

Individuals are given options to schedule different settings of the house like different lighting for day, night and afternoon et-cetera with the help of smart bulbs; same for the sound systems and other smart devices. Schedulers help in minimizing bills and saving on electricity by removing the need for over-utilization in their absence.

·        Remote Operated Features

Remote control adds convenience to the lifestyle. Earlier, only a few devices were remote operated like television and air conditioner, but nowadays, nearly all the devices can be remote controlled; from lighting systems to sound systems to kitchen appliances.


Home automation is not an inexpensive path towards future, but it does recover its costs in the long run. It is a step towards future which is only getting improved every day.

No one knows what new technology may be developed and what new home automation features will exist in the near future.
Let’s Wait and Watch!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

9 Benefits of Home Automation Which Makes Living a More Convenient Experience

Do you know how convenient it becomes after Automating your Homes?

Have you experienced Home Automation?

The internet of things gave birth to home automation which is the residential version of building automation. Wi-Fi technology is used for remote monitoring and everything digital is controlled & automated like lighting, heating, air conditioning, ventilation and most importantly, security, along with appliances like dryers/ washers, ovens and refrigerators et-cetera.

Crestron Home Automation System

Benefits of Home Automation:

Crestron Home Automation Systems have pioneered many automation innovations, giving individuals better and more user-friendly options and features. Following are some of the benefits which makes home automation an appealing concept:

·        Secures homes through automated locks

Automated door locks enable users to lock and unlock their entrance doors, room locks and kitchen backdoor locks as per their convenience, without actually coming out to open it.

·        Gives more lighting control and effects’ options

Lighting automation has various uses like effects during house parties or romantic dates, switching on only the lights which are required at the moment and never actually forgetting to switch off the lights (as it can be switched off remotely).

·        Increases awareness through digital security cameras with internet friendly interfaces (security camera mobile applications et-cetera)

Even though security cameras are an old technology, the new softwares have integrated the output of security cameras to be displayed on mobile phones or other digital devices through Wi-Fi technology. This enables users to keep a check at their homes from wherever they are and whenever they want.

·        Temperature adjustment features

Automation gives users to control and adjust temperature setting of the house at the click of a button which not only saves energy, but also allows the users to set the most suitable temperature for themselves.

·        Time and money saver

As mentioned above, it is specific to a particular area which allows the users to save money by using only the appliances they need and the click option saves time as the user does not have to actually go & operate the appliance.

·        Eco-and-Economic-friendly

Directing usage as per the convenience indirectly helps the environment as the energy is not wasted and also saves money because it prevents energy wastage and overuse.

·        Encourages peace of mind

Convenience leads to peace of mind because the user feels relaxed and comfortable with so many options which were not there beforehand like controlling appliances or lighting or sound systems at the push of a button.

·         Control options when out of town

There are cases when individuals forget to switch off appliances, lock their doors or are afraid of burglars when they leave for out of town trips. This problem is easily resolved as the appliances and locks can be controlled remotely and with the Wi-Fi security camera technology, the users can keep a check of their homes as per their convenience.

·        Allows to keep an eye on children and baby sitters

Home automation gives options which allows individuals to keep an eye on their young ones and the people who are hired to take care of them. It prevents mishaps or unfavorable outcomes by giving the head of the house an option to be digitally aware of their children and baby sitters at all times.


Home automation is installed by many service providers all around the world, Crestron Home Automation Prices are extremely affordable as compared to other service providers that they are preferred more often.
Home Automation is a solution to many problems and is extremely convenient which makes living in such a home, an amazing experience.

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