Monday, 8 May 2017

Automation Solutions from Creston Home Automation

Automation Solutions from Creston Home Automation is one of the most popular and widely used equipment when it comes to home automation. Creston provides solutions to automate light control, controlling room temperature, climate, air conditioning, music players and video systems. Think of a situation in your daily activities where you need to move into different rooms to adjust your curtains or to control the air conditioning or adjusting your music player’s volume. Imagine if all this can be controlled at one go by a simple touch of a button. Automation Solutions from Creston Home Automation aims to do exactly this; to provide you the luxury of controlling every process at your fingertips even without your physical presence in the location.
Let’s take another example of you watching a movie at home with family and friends. Usually, one needs to adjust the lights, shut down the curtains, control your air conditioning, select the channel and play the desired movie. A home theater equipped with Automation Solutions from Creston Home Automation makes your life easy, where one press of a button and the lights are dimmed, curtains are down, air conditioning is set and the channel is selected and the movie of your choice is played. This apart, the surround music effects help creating a realistic situation while watching a movie.

Creston also gives you solutions to control the lighting and climate conditions at home. Lighting in a home creates the desired ambience for any occasion. With the various lighting automation devices that Creston has developed, you can set the desired lighting for any occasion like a party, a romantic dinner or lunch. This does not require your physical presence, as once they are preset, with one touch you can create the desired lighting for any occasion. Another feature of Automation Solutions from Creston Automation is climate control. It takes care of the temperature and humidity levels in your home and adjusts them according to your needs. We can set temperatures that result in less consumption of energy while we are not at home and it automatically comes back to the desired climate once you come home.

Automation Solutions from Creston Home Automation, also provides you with technology where you can change music tracks in your music player or control the volume across your home using their distributed music technology. Because of this feature you need not move to the place where your music player is located to change tracks or customize your player features.

Another important Automation Solutions from Creston Home Automation is the use of security cameras or intercoms. One can watch the happenings in their home at various places like the kitchen, garden or even the front gate using the security cameras. Using intercoms (audio and video) we can control voice communications across the house. For example if you are watching a movie on your home theater and if you have a visitor ringing the bell, then automatically his face appears on the screen and it enables you to talk to that person and allow or deny him access. Smart home automation solutions from companies such as Creston can go a long way in enriching your day to day life.

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