Monday, 1 May 2017

7 Mind-blowing Features of SmartPhilips Illuminate Customizable Lighting Systems

Have you experienced the amazing home automation systems?
Do you know what Philips Dynalite in Dubai offers?

Home automation is technology at its best; adding convenience and saving money in the long term. The advancement in technology has led to the automation of every appliance of the house to make it smart and allow a single-point control option. Individuals can automate appliances as per their desire; from kitchen appliances to lighting control systems to whole house audio systems to even smart security systems.
Innovation and creativity has led to so many customizable options with amazing features in Philips lighting control systems, such as

·        Voice ControlFeatures

Futuristic approach has led to the development of automated lighting systems which can be operated with voice of the individual. Like the technology that allows us to operate certain features of our smartphones; lighting of the house can also be controlled with voice. Individuals can say words like “Lights on/ Lights off” to switch the light on/ off of the room.

·        Adaptive Smart Features

Artificial intelligence has inspired the development of smart adaptive features which allow the individuals to use light setting for a brief period of time and then the system automatically understands the need & requirements of the individual and operate accordingly. Vacancy/ occupancy sensors automatically switches the light on/ off as per the need for the room. Bright light for morning and dim lights at night are also auto-adjusted.

·        Digital Panel ControlFeatures

Automation can be controlled by a single digital panel to control all the features of the house, including lights, sound, security and many more. It allows the individual to operate different mood settings, occasion settings and normal settings as per his needs e.g. parties, intimate dinner dates, get-togethers and light effects to enhance the beauty of the place et-cetera. 

·        Smart Phone App Compatible Features

The whole world of business is shifting towards smart phone apps because it is a more portable and easily accessible approach. From travel to communication to operating other devices, can be controlled via mobile application. Certain home automation companies provide smart phone app compatible devices which allow the individual to operate lights, sound and security et-cetera with their smart phone. The devices are smart devices which gets connected to the app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and allow a user friendly interface to avail all its features with convenience.

·        Mood Settings Features

Technology in home automation devices allow it to understand the mood of the individual and auto-adjusts accordingly. It controls the multi-room speakers , lighting systems and smart security options to lower the sound levels or lighting or prevent anyone from entering the house, as per the mood of the individual. It comes in handy for individuals who have mood swings on a regular basis.

·        Scheduled Settings Features

Individuals are given options to schedule different settings of the house like different lighting for day, night and afternoon et-cetera with the help of smart bulbs; same for the sound systems and other smart devices. Schedulers help in minimizing bills and saving on electricity by removing the need for over-utilization in their absence.

·        Remote Operated Features

Remote control adds convenience to the lifestyle. Earlier, only a few devices were remote operated like television and air conditioner, but nowadays, nearly all the devices can be remote controlled; from lighting systems to sound systems to kitchen appliances.


Home automation is not an inexpensive path towards future, but it does recover its costs in the long run. It is a step towards future which is only getting improved every day.

No one knows what new technology may be developed and what new home automation features will exist in the near future.
Let’s Wait and Watch!

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